People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)

Vol. XXX

No. 15

April 09, 2006

AIDWA Condemns Sindhu Joy's Arrest


THE All India Democratic Association (AIDWA) strongly protested against the arrest of Sindhu Joy, Kerala state SFI president, who is the LDF candidate against chief minister Oomen Chandy in Puthupally constituency.   Coming just a few days before she was to file her nomination, it is only too apparent that her arrest has everything to do with the chief ministerís concern about retaining his seat and nothing at all to with the rule of law, stated the AIDWA in a statement issued on April 4. 


Sindhu Joy has been in the forefront of militant struggles against the privatisation of education that was a hallmark of Oomen Chandyís regime.  She was the victim of a brutal police attack and is still unable to walk without the help of crutches.


It is in this condition that she has been sent to jail on false cases and old cases, all of which have to do with participation in public protests and nothing at all with any kind of criminal activity.  "It is shocking that she is being treated as a criminal in the jail and is even being denied proper toilet facilities. And all this is being done by a government that has done everything to defend criminal politicians accused of rape and molestation", the AIDWA noted.


Saying that the UDF government has resorted to the worst hijacking of democratic rights in Sindhuís case, the AIDWA demanded the immediate release of Sindhu Joy so that not only she but the people of her constituency can exercise their democratic rights in the coming election.