People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)

Vol. XXX

No. 13

March 26, 2006

Bengal LF Looks To A Free-And-Fair Polls


BENGAL Left Front in full swing of the election campaign looks to a free-and-fair assembly polls in Bengal as during the past six occasions.  However, while accepting the five-phase election schedule, the Bengal Left Front would yet say that the move to do so was ‘unwanted, unnecessary, and unprecedented.


Biman Basu speaking to the Kolkata media in the evening of March 21 commented to say that the phased election would inconvenience students appearing in a great many examinations set for the summer months of April and May: the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) alone featured close to 98,000 examinees. 


Biman Basu expressed surprise at the callous manner in which the opportunistic forces that made up the Bengal opposition chose to welcome the phased elections with little care or concern for the students whose careers would take off in new directions.


Biman Basu while agreeing that the voters’ list must be as flawless as possible did point out that the task to make it so could never mean the summary deletion of the names of CPI(M) members of parliament, Alakesh Das and Prasanta Pradhan.  He noted that the deletion of the name of Sudhir Giri, a senior CPI(M) leader, a former MP, and a permanent resident of Contai was quite unexpected.


In expressing disapproval of the way the Bengal opposition would pump in thousands of fake complaints, some times bereft of the complainants’ signature, Biman Basu pointed out that the development often saw a bizarre development.  People declared ‘dead’ and shifted out of the voters’ list, would benignly appear before the concerned election officials, and politely ask for either a restoration of their names in the electoral rolls or an issuance of death certificates.


Biman Basu said answering a question from the newspersons that the five-phased poll would be sure to witness the presence of the phenomenon called exit polls.  Biman baud is say that the results of the exit polls in Bengal during either the Lok Sabha or the assembly polls had always remained directionless and misleading. (BP)