People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)

Vol. XXX

No. 12

March 19, 2006

India’s Future Lies In Multi-Polarity

Yechury in Debate on Ministry of External Affairs


THE CPI(M) Polit bureau member and Rajya Sabha MP Sitaram Yechury today opined that in the international relations India’s future lies in multipolarity. He took part in discussion in Rajya Sabha on demands for grants of Ministry of External Affairs. He asked Prime Minister to stick to the fundamentals of India’s foreign policy i.e. NCMP, Pancha Sheel, peace full relations with neighbors and ensuring the multi-polarity. He objected to the government efforts to make India junior partner in the US global vision. He asked the house to send a message to the nation as well as to the world that we, India is not going to be a part of US strategy. He asked government to ensure that we will come to UNSC as permanent member not as a follower of US but as a leader of Third world countries.


Echoing with the observations made in the Annual Report of the ministry he said that in this tangibly transforming international environment, the fundamental tenets of India’s foreign policy have to  their essential validity. He also said that multilataralism will be an effective tool for addressing the global challenges. Contradicting the basis for the discussion by leader of the opposition Jaswant Singh, Yechury opined that there is no idealistic and realistic foreign policy. Informing the house that the CPI(M) and the left are idealist who are hoping on the evolution of multipolarity in the international relations, Yechury sought the government to engage with the existing reality. He said that the distinction of idealism and realism comes up when we are disagreeing with what others are saying. He also said that Energy and Economic Security forms the foundation for any foreign policy. Criticizing BJP for the inconsistency towards India’s stand on Indo-US relations he said that realism should not depend on which side – ruling or opposition - you are representing.


Revealing the US efforts to impose its political and military hegemony through out the world, Yechury sought clarification on the convergence of interests between both countries. He said that India cannot be a party to a unipolar system. Referring to the President Bush’s speech at Purana Qila Yechury asked the government whether are we going to be part of  US efforts in regime change. He also felt that this kind of attempts by anybody, would not further the multipolarity in international relations.  Mentioning the ministry’s annual report which states that the bilateral relations can thrive only in an atmosphere free from violence and terrorism, he reminded the house about the US’s state terrorism with which America butchered thousands of people in Chile in order to over throw the democratically elected  Allende government. Referring to the open statement made by Condoleezza Rice, US secretary of state for sanction of 85 million dollars to fund regime change in Iran, Sitaram warned the government to be mindful while taking part in the Global Democracy Initiative.


Referring to the disintegration of USSR he observed that the bipolar world should move towards a multipolar world as its logical conclusion. He also said that America by trying to impose uni-polar world, was not allowing the world to move towards multipolarity.  He demanded that the government must move unhesitatingly towards multipolarity in International relations.


Referring to the relations with the neighbors Yechury felt that there is lot of possibilities to increase our relations with China and other countries. Quoting from the report which states that the spurt in the violence and extremism from Bangladesh, Yechury criticized government for not taking any steps despite the chief ministers of Tripura and Bengal informing the centre about the source of the spurt in violence. He reminded the government that without taking any steps to restore democracy in Nepal bringing a peaceful resolution to the problems of Nepal is not possible. He complimented for the government for its Look East policy. At the same time he warned about the contradictions in the governments Look West policy which is premised upon the facts that the Gulf region as major economic partner and source of India’s energy security which is inconsistent with the attitude of UPA towards Iran issue which is major partner in Gulf region. He also criticized the government for deviating from  India’s long standing nuclear disarmament policy. He asked government to take steps to enter UNSC as permanent member not with the backing of  America but with the support of, and as leader of third world countries.


Replying the critics of CPI(M) who allege that the party always sides with China Yechury reminded the house that the formation of the CPI(M) itself was in the context of its opposition to the line adopted by China and Russia on various issues. He urged the nation to look at CPI(M) basing on  what it is saying on the issues concerned to India and our people. He reminded the house that the significance of CPI(M) is based on the issues it is taking up. He demanded that the debate on the foreign policy should be an enlightened one. He urged the government to stick to the fundamental independency of India in  international  relations.