People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)

Vol. XXX

No. 11

March 12, 2006

Left Front Workers Engaged In House-To-House Campaign


WITH the first phase of the Bengal assembly elections a little over a month away, the Left Front workers, all two crore of them, assures Party state secretary, Anil Biswas, are engaged in intense house-to-house campaign across the state. 


The Left Front election manifesto, printed in Bengali, Hindi, and English, is in great demand, as in the past.  A small pamphlet of ‘talking points’ that the Bengal unit of the CPI(M) has released and distributed have proved popular and useful to the organisers of the campaign, in particular.


The campaign drive is taken up by small teams of four-to-six workers.  They fan out in the morning and again in the afternoon, and approach every house in the locality with the LF manifesto, voters’ slips, and the Party symbol complete with the principal election slogan of the Left Front.


Booth-based Left Front teams comprising representatives from virtually every section of the mass of the people are going about across the metropolis, traversing the lanes and by-lanes, approaching the denizens of the city, and carrying the political message to the people about the importance of ensuring a big win for the Left Front in the assembly polls coming up.


Patiently explaining the reasons why the seventh Left Front government must be established to accelerate further the pace of development in Bengal, the Left Front workers, whenever necessary, take pains to elucidate and clarify points in the manifesto and refute in a polite way the campaign of misinformation being bandied about in the corporate media which apparently revel in their role as the ideological mentors of the political parties on the right and on the extreme left.


The Election Commission has in the meanwhile communicated to Anil Biswas that it would not allow any graffiti and that the 1976 Act of the state against defacement of walls has been duly notified in the Gazette.  Anil Biswas has issued a guideline to the Party workers asking them not to put up any fresh graffiti on walls, in the cities and in the villages.


The CPI(M) and the Left Front would soon issue a comprehensive guideline in the background of the new developments over graffiti, and Anil Biswas has in the meanwhile exhorted upon the CPI(M) and Left Front workers to intensify and widen the house-to-house campaign.


Anil Biswas has stressed that the CPI(M) and the Left Front are never dependent on seasonal campaign: ‘For us, the campaign goes on 365 days a year, and our mass contact is continuously widened across Bengal.’ 


The CPI(M) leader also called upon the Party and Left Front workers to communicate to the people the need to isolate the forces of disruption and anarchy, and to tear the mask off from their patrons in the Pradesh Congress, the Trinamul Congress, and the BJP.