People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)

Vol. XXX

No. 10

March 05, 2006

Govt Employees Defer Indefinite Strike


The following resolution was adopted in the meeting of the Joint Council Of Action (JCA) of all central government employees held on February 15, 2006.


THE strike action which was to commence from March 1, 2006 now stands deferred. The Joint Council of Action of the Central Government Employees Organisations congratulates central government employees working in the Railways,Defence(Civilian), Income Tax, Postal Employees, Audit & Accounts, Central Secretariat and other affiliates of the Confederation of the Central Government Employees for showing massive unity in the course of sustained struggle and also while serving the strike notice on February 7, 2006.


The JCA expresses its satisfaction on the government’s decision to appoint the VI Central Pay Commission and also for agreeing to consult the staff side on the terms of reference of the commission.


The JCA also notes that the official side has agreed to refer the demand for the payment of Interim Relief in cash to the government and the quantum of relief being computed on the formula adopted by the V CPC for wage fixation of the central government employees.


All the 20 demands were discussed and conclusions reached.


The official side also referred the decision taken by the Ministry of Railways to appoint a commission under the chairmanship of a High Court judge to review working hours of the Running staff and also appointment of a committee under the chairmanship of a retired General Manger to improve promotional prospects of Group ‘D’ staff in the Indian Railways.


The official side agreed that on receipt of information from the Railway ministry, they would examine the issue for further instructions to other ministries for similar action.


Keeping in view the response of the government and also taking into account the agreements reached on various issues including discussion on the implementation of pending arbitration awards with the staff side, it was decided that it would be appropriate to defer the strike scheduled to commence from 6.00 am on March 1, 2006 to give more time to the government to take a final decision on the pending demands


The JCA also decided to meet after two months to review the progress to take appropriate action in the matter for the settlement of pending demands.


The settlement reached on the 20 point Charter of Demands would be explained to the workers all over the country. (INN)