People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 49

December 05, 2004

October Revolution Day Observed In Tripura

A REVOLUTION needs a revolutionary organisation i.e. a revolutionary party based on the principles of democratic centralism. To win over the millions in favour of the revolution, we must bring about a change in the correlation of class forces, which means that the allies of the revolution who at present are in the enemy camp must be won over with perseverance. We must sincerely do this not only in the three states where our presence is prominent, but also in the other parts of the country where our voice is feeble.” So said Manik Sarkar, Polit Bureau member of the CPI(M), while addressing the Party members present in a hall meeting on the occasion of the October Revolution anniversary at Agartala Town hall on November 9.

The jam-packed hall meeting was presided over by Samir Chakrborty, the Party’s Sadar divisional committee secretary and state committee member, and was addressed by Baidyanath Majumder, state secretary and central committee member of the Party. 

While explaining the significance of the October Revolution, Manik Sarkar said, October Revolution differed from all the previous revolutions on one salient point. It had brought about the transformation of a social system, a class-based exploiting society was transformed into a socialist society where workers were at the helm of power. The socialist system, which was till then a conception in theory and was regarded as building a castle in the air, had become a reality on the earth. 

Outlining the task of the Party at the present juncture, Manik Sarkar said, it has to initiate an intense ideological campaign among the vast masses throughout the country. “Being an agrarian country, we have 80 per cent people in the countryside working in the fields and allied activities. They belong to different strata having different class interests. Unlike China, we also have problems due to diversity of languages, cultures, races and clans etc. Inspite of that, we must make a steady inroad in rural areas. While grappling with the burning national and international issues, we must pick up even the day to day matters of people’s interest in our movement”, urged Manik Sarkar. 

The October Revolution day was observed everywhere in the state with due solemnity. All the party offices from state committee to divisional committees to local committees wore a decorated look with Red flags, festoons and banners. 

Hawking of the Daily Desher Katha, the state party organ which brought out a special issue on this day, got a new dimension with the observance of the October Revolution day in the state. In the morning all the party units were engaged in selling the special issue of the paper. This year, circulation of the special issue of the daily reached an all time high –– 2.5 lakh. (INN)