People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 41

October 10, 2004

SFI Against Autonomy To Private Deemed Universities


THE Students’ Federation of India (SFI) welcomed the move of the union government to give autonomy to the central universities and opined that there should be minimum interference from the government in the academic matters of these universities.


In a statement issued on October 3, the SFI central executive committee stated the above. It also expressed its opposition to the blanket cover of autonomy that the government wants to give to all the deemed universities. It warned that this would murky the entire higher education scenario of the country. “There are hundreds of deemed universities in our country, which are run by private managements. Except a select few, many of these universities are run as commercial business ventures to generate profits rather than as a charitable activity of imparting education.  Many of these institutes are bereft of infrastructure, qualified teaching personnel and even recognition for many of the courses that are being taught in them. Giving them leeway in conducting their own entrance and qualifying examinations will seriously hamper the quality of education and thus the future of the society. Merit will be replaced by money and capitation fee will be collected along with exorbitant fees. The history of these institutes show that many corrupt and immoral practices will be introduced into the education system thus wrecking the intellectual edifice of the country”, felt the SFI.


It wanted the union government to conduct a thorough enquiry into the running of the private deemed universities and autonomous colleges across the country and initiate action against the erring institutes. “Private deemed universities should be immediately closed and the students who are cheated to join these institutes should be suitably reinstated in other institutes. The government should enact a legislation to ensure its authority over the private institutes”, demanded the SFI. It also urged the government to see the reality of the times and rein in these institutes rather than give them a free hand to ruin the education system and the lives of students. (INN)