People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 22

May 30, 2004

   TU’s Convey Concerns Of Working Class

To New Labour Minister


A delegation of top leaders of the central trade unions met the new union labour minister Sis Ram Ola on May 26 and submitted the following memorandum. The signatories to the memorandum are: Swapan Muherjee (AICCTU), Gurudas Dasgupta (AITUC), Chittabrata Majumdar (CITU),   Umraomal Purohit (HMS),   Devarajan (TUCC),  Aboni Roy (UTUC) Krishna Chakraborti (UTUC-LS).


THE central trade unions representing an overwhelming majority of the workers of the country viz AICCTU, AITUC, CITU, HMS, TUCC, UTUC and UTUC-LS, greet the union labour minister. We look forward to your proactive intervention in addressing the concerns of the working class of the country.


The working people of India share the joy of the millions of our countrymen at the ouster of the previous National Democratic Alliance government, whose track record in office had been disastrous for all sections of the Indian society except the vastly affluent few.


The United Progressive Alliance government has assumed office at the centre in the backdrop of the utter failure of the BJP-led NDA government to tackle the basic human problems of the country during its nearly six years rule; its total inability to contain recession, push up rate of investment, promote employment, ensure poverty alleviation, step up higher growth and economic development benefiting the common people; its inability even to provide food security to the hungry millions. It had instead given the multinational companies substantial access to domestic savings, bringing about massive casualisation of work force and weakened the ability of the state to effectively intervene in the economy in favour of the vast majority of people who are close to destitution.


Hence, the new government must set out to act without any delay and carry out the tasks of giving immediate relief to the distressed working masses of the country. We also look forward to the new government embarking on an exercise to bring about a paradigm shift in the economic policies.


We emphasise that it is essential to embark on a programme of:

 We expect that the new government will devote itself to the urgent task of cleansing the governance which was based on politics of hatred and violence, divisiveness, sectarian intolerance, minority bashing, intoxication and saffronisation of every institution under the polity and usher in a new period of freedom, incisiveness and openness, refurbishing the secular democratic fabric of the Indian society.


We also expect that the new government will repeal the draconian POTA and ESMA, which are unwanted incursions into the democratic rights of the people in a republic like ours.


During the past few years, all the central trade unions and independent unions and federations in the country, had jointly formulated the following eight-point demands:


Besides the above, the entire spectrum of the trade union movement in the country denounced the Supreme Court pronouncement against the right to strike and demanded that the central government take appropriate steps to negate the pernicious impact of the said judgement of the Supreme Court.


Urging the government to implement the above, the trade unions and the working people of all sectors have unitedly been on the move, launching campaigns and sustained struggles throughout the country and in different sectors. Thus, the working people of the country have made a solid contribution in shaping the people’s verdict, which saw the exit of the NDA government.


We, therefore, have an inalienable right to demand this government to respond to the concerns of the working people. We list hereunder the specific issues and demands, In line with the above common position taken by the entire trade union movement in the country, on which the new government is expected to initiate speedy action.










In fine, we wish to reiterate that the defeat of the BJP-led NDA government signifies the powerful mood of the masses for rapid change for better. We, therefore, call upon the new government not only to undo the wrongs perpetrated by the earlier regime but also rise to the occasion and live up to the expectation of the masses. We urge the new government to adopt a firm pro-people economic policy that shall end the economic recession and guarantee a better quality of life for the common masses without allowing the vastly affluent section of the community to be the sole beneficiary of the development paradigm.


A government with commitment to the people, we believe, can mobilise additional resources to finance the programme of development benefiting the people. We emphasise on blasting corruption, paving the way for economic growth, ensuring better tax compliance, curbing tax default, realising the outstanding bank loans and tax arrears, augmenting direct tax revenues by broadening the tax base and incidence on the vastly affluent and rich landlord sections, giving relief to salaried employees by increasing income tax exemption limits, mobilising domestic resources by launching long term development bonds.  


On the issues and demands of the working people enumerated above, we look forward to your initiating meaningful steps and expeditious actions. We are always available for further interactions and dialogue, at your earliest convenience.