People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 19

May 09, 2004

Manik Sarkarís Election Speech On AIR


FELLOW citizens,

The country is getting ready for the 14th Lok Sabha elections. Once again you shall be deciding to have a government of your choice at the centre.


Even after 56 years of independence, the unity and integrity of our country is under serious threat. Even before the blemishing wound caused due to demolition of Babri Masjid was healed, we had to witnesses the barbaric incidents of Godhra and the horrendous massacre in Gujarat. Minorities are under attack, which is in any case not corroborating to the fundamental principle of secularism of our country. The RSS is the philosopher and guide of the BJP. RSS wants to convert India into a theocratic State with their slogan of so-called Hindutva. The BJP is being dictated to move towards this direction. The BJP is active in dividing our people on the lines of religion, caste and creed. In this background, CPI(M) firmly believes that you would exercise your franchise to elect a government with secular credence to prevent this divisive move of RSS-led BJPí and uphold the banner of long cherished Indian culture and value of unity in diversity. Religion or construction of Mandir or Masjid is not our problem. Real problems of vast population of our country are food, shelter, education and job. The British used the divide and rule policy to continue the loot and exploitation of the Indian masses. The BJP and its allies are also employing the same tactics to safeguard the interests of the monopoly capital, landlords and MNCs at the cost of the vast masses of our country.


Solution to the problems of basic requirements like food, shelter, education and job was the cherished goal of our freedom struggle. But both Congress and BJP ruled governments did not address those problems of the people. On the contrary, the BJP-led NDA government at the dictum of the World Bank, IMF and WTO is pursuing an economic policy which is anti-national and thoroughly against the will and interest of the common people of our country. Brunt of this detrimental economic policy is being borne by the peasantry, working class, middle class and our youth. Agricultural sector has been left to stagnate on its own. Employment opportunities for the youth have dried up as never before. The congress has no face to resist this aggressive attack on the poor and working masses because this policy was initiated and started getting implemented during their time. To stall this devastating anti-people and pro-rich policy, the country needs a secular government at the Centre with the strong backing of CPI(M) and Left since they have been consistently fighting against this policy inside and outside the Parliament.


Dear friends, North East region is located in a very strategic position touching no less than five international borders. This region is nothing but a replica of India to miniature form. The region is really a treasure of very valuable resources of nature, which also can help India to prosper. But this region has been facing onslaught of anti-national forces who are for secession of this region from Indian with the backing of ISI. To counter this sinister move to weaken our sovereignty, India needs a strong government at the Centre with secular credence who would take holistic approach instead of discriminatory political and partisan tactics.


Disturbingly, the BJP-led NDA government has given go-bye to our age old, well acclaimed and time tested foreign policy of non-alignment and started acting as cohort of American imperialism who have been busy trying to trample down the world under their feet as Iraq is its glaring example. We believe the people of Indian who have their glorious past of independence struggle against the British rule cannot accept this ignominious move of BJP.


In fine, I would like to emphasise that the CPI(M) and the Left parties remain the best bet for the overall development of the country. In this context, glorious performance with a set of alternative pro-people programmes of the Left Front government of West Bengal, Tripura and Previous Left and democratic government of Kerala may be judged. Therefore, I would appeal to you to please vote and support CPI(M) and the Left candidates without any hesitation. Where there is no CPI(M) or Left candidate, please choose a candidates of secular credence.




(April 17, 2004)