People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 40

October 05, 2003

 Tamilnadu Prepares For Eleventh CITU Conference

RESPONDING enthusiastically to the call of the CITU state committee and the Reception Committee of the Eleventh All India Conference, preparations are going on all over the state, for the successful holding of the conference.

CITU state committee met on September 26 and 27. The executive committee of the Reception Committee also met on 26th evening.


The Reception Committee and the CITU state committee reviewed the preparatory work carried out all over the state.


After the formation of the Reception Committee on August 19, district level organising committees are being formed with representatives of all the fraternal organisations. Meetings of leading cadres have been held in all districts. Various industrial federations have held their meetings.

It has now been decided that local level organising committees will also be formed in all the districts.


Plans for collecting funds have been finalised. In addition to the contributions from the members of the CITU, efforts are being made to approach workers belonging to other unions also. House to house collections and campaigns are being planned. Targets for collecting funds, and number of houses to be approached by various district committees have been fixed. In total, 35 lakhs of houses will be visited by volunteers. Lakhs of handbills are being printed.


Detailed planning has been undertaken for wall writings, printing handbills, posters, stickers and erecting huge hoardings. Campaign materials are being planned. ‘ Conference Logo’ has been released.


Reception Committee has finalised the formation of 14 sub committees to carry out various tasks for the successful holding of the conference.


In addition to enlisting the necessary volunteers, uniformed Red volunteers groups including women are to be formed and trained in all the districts.


Detailed programmes for receiving the Jathas coming from various parts of the country will be worked out after the programmes are finalised by All India Centre.


December 1 will be observed as the conference flag day. CITU flags will be hoisted in the unions offices, factory gates, work sites, residential areas and the houses of the CITU members.


While the fund collections are to be completed by 2nd week of November, all other preparations should be completed before the flag day.