People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 51

December 29,2002

NEC Functionary Acclaims Left Front Govt

IF a third alternative emerges in the country, that will help realise the immense potential for the development of entire north-east, including Tripura, that is still a backward region. This is what was underscored by a statement recently made by Atul Sinha, secretary of the North-Eastern Council (NEC). In his statement, Sinha has highly acclaimed the Left Front government of Tripura for making the most of the non-lapsable fund for various projects designed for development of the state. Incidentally, it was the erstwhile United Front government at the centre that started allocating the non-lapsable pool fund for development of the long-neglected north-eastern states. The pool comprises 10 per cent of the unspent amount of annual plan outlays under different schemes of the centre.

In a recent interview to the media, Sinha said all the north-eastern states other than Tripura have failed to properly utilise the fund in specific time-bound and approved projects, and that the government of Assam tops the list of such failures. It was due to their failure in spending the money in approved projects and in submitting proper accounts that the NEC has stopped the flow of this fund to the governments of Assam, Nagaland and Manipur, he said. It will be mentioned that Assam and Nagaland are ruled by the Congress, which is also a partner in the government of Manipur.

Holding the Left Front government of Tripura in very high esteem in this regard, the NEC secretary stated that the government of Tripura is making the most of the allocated amount in proper projects that are meant for people’s welfare including infrastructure development. Not only that, it is also submitting accurate accounts on time. He also informed the media persons that numerous allegations in this regard are pouring in against all the north-eastern states except Tripura, putting the expenditure account of these states under scrutiny by the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG). Sinha also regretted that there are allegations that funds allocated for development projects in these states are being siphoned off to extremist organisations by government functionaries. Incidentally, however, even Tripura is not free from this scourge of dangerous abuse of public money, with the INPT-controlled Autonomous District Council (ADC) funneling a huge portion of the funds allocated by state government into the NLFT’s coffers.

The scenario amply proves the point that the hope of development of the backward north-east in particular and of a balanced and sustainable development of the country in general, hinges on building up a third alternative force countrywide.   


On November 28, Tripura chief minister Manik Sarkar urged the people of Tripura to unitedly build a bold resistance against the disruptive forces that are blocking the way of development of the state. He made the appeal while inaugurating the newly built 21MW gas-based thermal power project at the Baramura Hills in West Tripura. This unit will go a long way in eliminating the peak hour power-cuts in the state. The inaugural function, which elicited huge enthusiasm from the people inhabiting the Baramura Hills and the adjoining areas, was presided over by power minister Badal Chowdhury. The state assembly speaker Jitendra Sarkar was the chief guest.

After inaugurating the 21 MW turbine by pressing the electric button and unveiling the plaque, Sarkar congratulated everyone involved in putting this vital project on stream within a predetermined time-span. The achievement has come in the face of tremendous infrastructural hurdles and due to the ceaseless endeavours of the Left Front government for Tripura’s progress and prosperity, with thrust on alleviation of poverty, through utmost utilisation of the state’s own natural resources. But, Sarkar regretted, the state government’s developmental activities are constantly being thwarted by extremist atrocities. In this context, he urged the people to pick up the gauntlet, alongside the Left Front government, so as to reinforce the camp of peace and progress by means of united resistance.

By citing concrete instances of recent incidents, Sarkar pointed to the upsurge of the people’s spirit of resistance, even among those inhabiting the remote hills and villages, while they used to flee in fear from extremist attackers in the not very distant past. People have experience enough to differentiate between friends and foes and have realised that resistance, not escapism, is the key to survival, the chief minister maintained.

In his presidential speech, Badal Chowdhury said the Left Front government has been under tremendous pressure from the BJP-led centre that wanted to impose on the state its LPG policies so as to make power beyond the poor people’s reach. Yet the state government has been pressing ahead with its pro-people policy because no nation can prosper without the development of the rural masses. He urged the people to more massively participate in the Left Front government’s development activities so as to overcome the hurdles being posed by vested interests and their sponsors at a time when the people’s resistance is increasingly cornering the extremists in Tripura. (INN)