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(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)

Vol. XXV

September 2001


Sept. 02

Sept. 09

Sept. 16

Sept. 23

Sept. 30


September 02, 2001

Editorial PM At His Communal Game
Economic Notes Demands for a New Round at Doha--II
Science & Development Victory on Basmati?
Scrap These Policies Or Quit Disastrous Economic Policies
Placating Hawks -- Duping Masses
Saffronisation of Education HRD Minister Misled Parliament
In The Name of Sanskrit
West Bengal Kakababu -- A Tribute
Agitation Programmes Announced
Jyoti Basu Declines Award
Tripura Extremist Persist With Terror Tactics
Himachal SFI Victories In Elections
Delhi AIDWA Leader Assaulted
AIDWA Conferences Uttar Pradesh


Kisan Committee Formed

The Week In Parliament

A report
The Durban Meet CPI(M) Withdraws Delegate
SFI Welcomes Inclusion of Caste


September 09, 2001

Editorial Accept Your Folly & Change
Economic Notes Some Contradictions in Imperialist Globalisation
Science & Development Convergence Bill?
Scrap These Policies Or Quit Stop Communalising The Atmosphere
Why The September Agitation

The NDC Meeting

Land Reforms, PDS Must for Growth
Consensus -- The NDA Style

Saffronisation of Education

Non-NDA CMs Meet
Bishops-RSS Talks Rationale of Talks Questioned

G.K. Moopanar Dies

Surjeet Condoles Death


DTF Wins DUTA Elections
P.S. Sengupta Dies
Attempts to Browbeat Media


Three More Comrades Killed
Campaign Against Centre, Extremism


Dharmashala NPMO Convention


Industrial Policy?


Remove BHU  V.C
15th WFYS Concludes
WFYS Declaration


Comrade Abu Ali Mustafa
We will Not Surrender -- PFLP
Comrade Govan Mbeki Dies
South Africa: General Strike


September 16, 2001

Editorial America Under Attack
A Promise & then Volte Face
Scrap These Policies Or Quit Corruption At its Venal Worst
Defence of Suicidal Policies
Campaign Material Released

The NDC Meeting

West Bengal Govt's Views

Saffronisation of Education

Creative Meaning for Jyotirvigyan

Durban Conference

US Exposed, Indian Govt. Disgraced

CPI(M) Delegation Visits China

Long March To Socialism


Employment & Labour Law Changes


Centre's Misinformation Campaign


Media Has A Short Memory
After Tehelka, What?

Uttar Pradesh

Kanpur: Atrocity Againist Dalit Woman

Jammu & Kashmir

Kisans March to Lal Chowk


Japan Slashes Jobs
Nepal -- Socio-Cultural Turmoil
Stop US Backed Terrorism


September 23, 2001

Editorial Fight Against Terrorism Must Be Comprehensive
Economic Notes The Spectre of Poverty in Asia
Science & Development Holy Wars, Unholy Warriors
Terrorist Strikes In USA Harkishan Singh Surjeet
Robert Fisk
John Pilger
Noam Chomsky
Michel Chossudovsky
Nalini Taneja
Reactions To The Attacks China
Palestinian Parties
Communist Parties
More CPs


Tvm.. Mayor Attacked


BEFI Campaign In Tamilnadu
AIRBEA Threatened Derecognition?


SC Judgement On Contract Workers
Coal Workers Foil Downsizing


No To Dress Code For Women

Uttar Pradesh

Police Overrun Tribal Village
Students/Youth Demonstrate


September 30, 2001

Editorial Neither With Terrorists Nor With USA
Economic Notes Falling Per Capita Availability Of Foodgrains
Science & Development Infinite Justice, Finite Targets
Terrorist Strikes In USA Fidel Castro
Harkishan Singh Surjeet
Prakash Karat
Simon Wallers
Susan Sontag
Michal   Albert & Shalom
World Wide Anti-War Protests
September Campaign Thousands Court Arrest


Starvation Deaths in Kashipur


Scourge Of Female Foeticide


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