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(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)

Vol. XXV

October 2001


October 07

October 14

October 21

October 28


October 07, 2001

Editorial Futile Hope & Ominous Sign
Science & Development Infinite Justice, Finite Targets -- II
No To War Worldwide Protests Against War
Rallies in West Bengal
Infinite Justice to Infinite War
Retaliation Is Not The Answer
CPI(M) Calls For Protests
DYFI -- Anti-War Day on Oct 12-13
September Campaign:          Scrap Policies or Quit Massive Response


Mumbai: Contract Workers Agitate
TUs to Observe Protest Day on Nov. 09
RBI Union -- TUs Seek Intervention


Chauvinists Kill Two Tribals
Crop Insurance Scheme Launched
Teachers to Fight Obscurantism


Muzarffarpur Episode


October 14, 2001

Editorial BJP Continues Its Sinister Agenda
No To War Oppose US War
Merchants of Death
Obnoxious Servility of BJP Govt.
Growing Xenophobia in US
South Asians Attacked
History of US-Sponsored Terrorism
Justice Must Be Done - Fidel Castro
CPUSA Opposes War
Appeasing the US
September Campaign:             Scrap Policies or Quit More Reports

Lok Morcha

Gearing Up For Protests
Resolutions Adopted At the Meeting

Blood & Saffron

The Gory Rituals of the Sangh Parivar


Teachers Protest BJP's Education Policy

West Bengal

Conferences Finalised


LDF To Launch Mass Agitation
UDF Govt Aiding Forest Mafia
UDF Election Petition Rejected


CPI(M) Candidates Announced
No Pact With Congress -- CPI(M)

Uttar Pradesh

Kanpur: Seminar on Casteism


Attempts to Destroy Accord
Greetings to W.P. Korea


October 21, 2001

Editorial By George! What A Shame!
Economic Notes Economic Policy Paralysis
Science & Development The Draft National Health Policy
No To War Anti-War Protests In Delhi
Hundred Thousand March In Kolkata
Massive Protests In Kerala
From Other Centres In India
Chomsky to Attend Chennai Meet
Protests In the West
Americans Say No!
No! Says A Soldier's Wife
The Top Five Lies About This War
The Slaughter Of Innocents
Beaten By Taliban, Now Bombed Out
Japan Should Be Non-Aligned
The National Scene US War & the Indian Scenario
The Local Taliban

The Reddy Report

Another Attack On Small Savings


Commercialisation of Education


Statewide Protests On November 3

Fish Workers

Launching All India Struggle


October 28, 2001

Editorial Stop:The Loot of Public Assets
Stop The killing of Innocents
Economic Notes The Economy, According to the RBI
Science & Development Bigots On the Internet
Jan Sangh-BJP  Golden Jubilee Out to Repeat Same Old Story
The Terrorism Ordinance Threat to Democratic Rights

The US War

Physician, Heal Thyself!
Imam Bukhari Not Muslims Voice
Sahmat Sit-In-Protest
Rally in Srinagar

Working Class Struggles

Joint TU Convention
Convention's Declaration
Electricity Workers To Strike Work
Postal Workers Against Downsizing

West Bengal

LF Discusses Industrial Priorities


LDF  Against Dilution of People's Plan
End of the Antony-Janu Drama


Extremists Misleading Youth

Himachal Pradesh

Police Fires On Unarmed Students
Firing Was Unprovoked


AIDWA Conference


Cuba: Lourdes  Radar Station Closed


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