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(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)

Vol. XXV

November 2001

November 04

November 11

November 18

November 25


November 04, 2001

Editorial Consensus Vajpayee Style
Economic Notes Another Test For India At Doha
Science & Development The Twisted Tale of Enron's Equity
The RSS-BJP  Family RSS Reasserts Hold Over BJP
Two Years of NDA Rule
Parivar's Own Private War
The US War Mumbai Says No To War
The War & The Western Press
US Law To Curb Freedom Or Terrorism

WTO Doha Round

The Upcoming Doha Round
Anthrax and Patents

Working Class Struggles

Andhra RTC Strike
CITU On Repression on RTC Workers
Demonstration Against Court Ruling
Conspiracy to Destroy SAIL


Hunger & Democracy


First DYFI Conference


Massive Student-Youth Rally

CPI(M) 17th Congress

Reception Committee Formed


Israel: State Sponsored Terrorism
Stop Sharon's War
PDS Victories In German Polls


November 11, 2001

Editorial BJP, Thy Name Is Perfidy
Science & Development Terror Unlimited
No Collaboration At Doha Massive Rally At Delhi
International TU Protest Day
The Draconian POTO Lethal Attack On Democratic Rights
DUJ Protests POTO

Malegaon Riots

Fundamentalists Fanned Fire
The Communal Build Up

Oct. Revolution Anniversary

It Continues to Show the Way
Rev. Transformation Inevitable
Defeat Imperialist Offensive

Nobel Prize For Naipaul

Ignoble Politics of Naipaul's Novel

West Bengal

CITU Leaders Assaulted At Dunlop
Bidi Workers Struggle
Pooja Bookstalls


Bonfires of Foreign Agri-Products
TU Convention Against Privatisation

Tamilnadu Local Bodies Polls

What The Results Show


November 18, 2001

Editorial Post-Taliban Set-up
Economic Notes Trade & Growth In World Economy
Science & Development Posturing In Doha
No To Globalisation Massive Protests in India
The Great Capitalist Dilemma
The Vajpayee-Bush Meet Pro-US Foreign Policy
JNU Students Union Elections Left Makes a Clean Sweep

Malegaon Riots

The Leaflet That Was Blamed


Cluster Bombs: A legacy of death
Servile Channels, Doctored News
The CIA & Bin Laden
The RFI Broadcast


US Subverts Democratic Process


Valiantly Overcomes Another "Invasion"

Workers Struggles

Coal Workers To Strike Work
Success of AP Trans. Workers

Communalisation & History

History - Centre of Political Discourse

AIDWA Conferences

Towards 6th National Conference
Haryana: 4th Conference


Demand for Early Elections

The Draconian POTO

Journalists Resolve to Fight


November 25, 2001


Editorial Institutionalising Authoritarianism
Doha WTO Meet New Trade Round -- Another Name
Protests In Kerala
Rallies In Maharashtra
Demonstrations In Other States
Afghanistan: What Next? Semi Finals
False Victory
Neither A State Nor A Nation

Chief Ministers Meeting

Some Progress for State's Rights
Bengal, Tripura CM's Oppose POTO

The BJP & The NDA

The BJP's Allies In The NDA
The 93rd Constitution Amendment


Six Months of Antony
JNU Students Union Elections The Left Reasserts

Gujarat Earthquake Rehabilitation

Village Project Inaugurated


21 Glorious Years

XVII CPI(M) Congress

Dates of State Conferences



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