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(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)

Vol. XXV

June 2001

June 2001

June 03 June 10 June 17 June 24


June 03, 2001

Editorial Set Out Concrete Agenda For Talks

Economic Notes

Has India Contained An Import Surge?
Science & Development Enron's Pawar Game
People's Front Third Alternative: Viable
PSUs Lessons From Recent Wage Agreements

West Bengal

Bangladesh C.P. Greets L.F. Victory
Kolkata Celebrates L.F Triumph
LF Govt Focus: Dynamisn & Discipline
LF Cabinet to Function In Coordination
L.F. Govt. Sets Industrial Priorities
LF Govt to Strengthen Health Care
CITU to Help Industrialisation

Government Employees

Nationwide Strike On June 25


ICP Namboodiri Dies
Kozhikode D.C. Office Attacked


Drugs & AIDS Menace

Ho Chi Minh

111th Birth Anniversary Celebrated


AIDWA Welcomes Reform In Maintenance Law
AIDWA Memo To UN On Taliban Edict


Imports Cause Price Crash


June 10, 2001

Editorial On Tragic Events in Nepal

Economic Notes

Concentration of Regional Food Output & PDS
Science & Development VSNL Disinvestment: Scam In the Making
People's Front Full Text of the Programme

Invitation to Gen. Musharraf

Welcome Move on Kashmir

Working Class Struggles

Be Prepared For All India Strike
Coal Miners To Strike Work on July 1
TUs to Petition Parliament on P.F Issue

Wages of Default

RSS Takeover of Edu. Institutio


Nadapuram Is Burning

Feel Good Budget

But For Whom?

The Outlook Raids

Journalists Protest Attacks on Press

U.K. Elections

Labour Victory Certain


50th anniversary of Liberation


June 17, 2001

Editorial Whither Liberalisation?

Economic Notes

Why Real Interests Remain High?
Science & Development Access To Essential Drugs
Exporting Grains Nothing More Criminal

Banking Industry

Demolishing PSU Banks

West Bengal

Interview with CPI(M) State Secretary
Series of Attacks on CPI(M) Workers
No Departure from `94 Industrial Policy
Faction Riven Trinamul Congress
Other Stories


Letter to Chief Minister
Kerala News Letter


Thousands of Peasants Rally

Uttar Pradesh

Growing Atrocities Against Dalits


ABVP's Violent Politics In JNU
Haryana Agricultural Students Struggle


The "Apathetic" Labour Victory
The Gloomy Russian Economy


June 24, 2001

Editorial Talks Under US Pressure? -- Govt. Must Clarify

Economic Notes

The Murky Side of Privatisation
Science & Development The Bt Cotton Controversy
Hanumantha Rao Dies P.B Resolution
A Life of Struggles
The Last Journey
Condolence Messages
Meeting At CPI(M) Headquarters

Against Privatisation

Defence Employees To Strike Work

Female Infanticide

Who Bears the Cross?

West Bengal:

36 Years of Chatra Sangram


UDF Revives Outdated School Education
World of EMS -- Seminar


State Committee Meeting


Ban Harvesting Machines


Grama Panchayat Workers Rally


Treading On Sectarian Land Mine

Extension of Ceasefire

Assam Committee Expresses Concern


Hold Fresh Elections


Nazis and the Bush Family
Machiavelli As UN Ambassador


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