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(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)

Vol. XXV

July 2001


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July 01, 2001

Editorial Brutal Record in U.P
Science & Development Toxic Texan Throws Out Kyoto Treaty
Economic Notes The Pervasive Wage-Cut
Hanumantha Rao Dies Surjeet's Homage to M.H
M.H an Ideal Example says LBG
Access to Indian Military Bases Making India An Appendage to US
West Bengal 25 years of pro-people Governance
Budget Aims at Accelerated Growth


Unmasking of Mr. Clean
UDF Rule -- High on Rhetoric
Uttar Pradesh The Fatehpur Dalit Family Massacre
Uttarakhand CPI(M)'s   Struggle for Development

Ajit Sarkar Remembered

Left Makes Advance in Local Bodies
Students SFI CEC Meeting -- a report
Communalisation of Education
ABVP At the Communal Game
Dr. Arun Ghosh A Tribute
Book Review K.M Hari Bhat -- different ethos
China Greetings on 80th Anniversary of CPC


July 08, 2001

Editorial Country Mortgaged, People Impoverished -- A Decade of Reforms
Economic Notes Neo-Liberal Reform & Economic Growth
Science & Development Friends of Enron
Tamilnadu Developments Shameless Constitutional Impropriety
Milosevic Abduction Shameless Sale of National Sovereignty in Yugoslavia

ILO Meet

Reducing the Decent Work Deficit
Involve All segments of TU Movement
Kerala UDF in Disarray
Uttar Pradesh Agricultural Workers Rally at Lucknow
Uttarakhand Founding Conference of AIDWA
Himachal Pradesh Protests Against Reforms
Rajasthan Police -- Liquor Baron's Private Army

80th Anniversary of CPC

A Brief History of CPC
Commemorative Meeting In Delhi


July 15, 2001

Editorial Inhuman Logic of Vajpayee Govt.
Economic Notes Run-Up To General Depression?
Science & Development Anti-People Population Policies
Sailen Dasgupta Dies P.B. Resolution
The Funeral
Condolence Message From Surjeet

Indo-Pak Summit Meeting

TheVajpayee-Musharraf Summit
CPI(M) At All Parties Meeting
No Boycott of Tea
ILC Meet `United Front' Against TUs?
US-64 6 Month Freeze Small Investors Looted
Wheat Exports What is the Experience?

West Bengal

TUs  Calls for United Struggles
Party Membership Up by 15,000
Uttar Pradesh People Resolve to Oust BJP
Andhra Pradesh CPI(M) Manifesto for Panchayat Polls
Tamilnadu Tirupur Strike: NDA Govt Retreats
Tripura Three killed by NLFT
Maharastra The Scam Face of BJP in Nagpur
International CPI(M) At Athens Meeting
UN Backtracks on Western Sahara


July 22, 2001

Editorial Carry Forward The Dialogue
Science & Development Telecom Scenario: War Between Monopolies
Indo-Pak Summit P.B. Statement
Inconclusive Summit
Indo-Pak Peoples Solidarity Conference

Remembering Sailen Dasgupta & Niren Ghosh

In Memory of Niren Ghosh
Sailenda's Last Journey
Condolence Messages
Condolence Meeting At Delhi
Under BJP Rule More Attacks On Academic Freedom
US-64 6 Month Freeze Doom For Small Investors
Bangalore Seminar Projects Alternative Economic Path
Kerala The Budget: Hitting the People Hard
Kashmir Medical Students Sit In at Rajghat
Andhra Pradesh Shock For TDP In Panchayat Polls

Peasants & Agri Workers

AIKC Meeting Decisions
NDA Regime Plays Hoax on Agri Workers
Sahmat Banning Exhibition was Indefensible
Manipur Legislators Meet CPI(M) Leaders
International UK: Nazi Thugs Target Asians

July 29, 2001

Editorial Crony Capitalism At Its Worst
Economic Notes Rural Employment in the Nineties
Science & Development Trading In Water
Indo-Pak Summit Post Agra -- Need to Continue Dialogue
Reject Hawkish Pressures
The Henry Shelton Visit Growing Military Nexus With US
Remembering Sailen Dasgupta Condolence Meeting In Kolkata
Anil Biswas Pays Tribute


Govt. Employees Strike Work
Workers Demonstrate Before Parliament
Enron California Experience & DPC
Kerala Nadapuram Police Violence
Tripura LF Govt Launches Swablamban Project

Extension of Ceasefire With NSCN(IM)

Students Demonstrate In Imphal
Protest In Assam


New Russia-China Friendship Treaty
SACP Turns 80
Protests Rattle Genoa G8 Summit

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