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(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)

Vol. XXV

December 2001

December 02

December 09

December 16

December 23

December 30


December 02, 2001

Editorial Limiting Access to Education
Economic Notes End of the Long Boom
Science & Development Doha Declaration On TRIPS
The War In Afghanistan Afghan Developments & Implications
Iraq Next?
US Sinks Iraqi Vessel
Indo-US Military Ties Covert Moves

Mounting Resistance to POTO

Neither Terrorists Nor POTO
POTO & The Press
Dec. 04  March to Parliament

Attacks on Education

The Rewriting of History
JNU Students Protest
Nationwide Protests


J&K Unit Conference

AIDWA VI All India Conference

Mammoth Rally
Uttar Pradesh BJP Afraid of  Electorate

Working Class Actions

20,000 Beedi Workers March in Delhi
Coal Workers -- 3-Day Strike
Ready for Strike -- PSU Workers


Russia Capitulates Before the West


December 09, 2001

Editorial Foil RSS Gameplan
Economic Notes Doha: What India Gained, Lost
Science & Development Enron Effectively Imploded
Prasada Rao Dies P.B. Resolution
Rich Tributes to NPR
Surjeet's Homage
Condolence Meeting In Delhi
The War In Afghanistan We are The War Criminals Now
Under Blair -- Arrest Without Reason
Terrorism & The US War

Mounting Resistance to POTO

Journalists March to Parliament


Historians Protest Rewriting of History
93rd Constitution Amendment

Andhra Pradesh

Rebuff to A.P Power Reforms


Resist Anti-People Measures

Onward to U.P. Elections

Countdown to BJP's Fall has Begun
Manipur CPI(M) State Conference Concludes
SFI Girls Students Convention


US Act Leads To One More Tragedy:  Fidel Castro
UN Votes Against US Embargo On Cuba
SIGTUR Conference In Seoul
Chinese Delegation Visits India


December 16, 2001


Editorial Fernandes Must Quit
Economic Notes Greater Liberalisation of Agriculture
Science & Development The Climate Change Treaty
The National Scene BJP Defeat Imminent
Successful Three-Day Coal Workers Strike
Six Lakh Miners Participate
Unions Congratulate Workers

The Doha Agreement

A Bad Deal


Attack on NCERT Text Books
24-hour Dharna in Shimla
Jammu Sit-in


Sixth All India Conference

West Bengal

Left Front Sweeps Panchayat Bypolls


On Disruptive Activities
Karnataka Com. N. K. Upadhyaya Dies
AIAWU Protest Centre's Apathy Over Flood, Drought


Unholy Alliance in the Offing


Anti-POTO Meet


Mumbai TU Team Visits Delhi

Parliament Notes

The Week in Parliament

6th December

Babri Demolition Observed in Jamia


Israel Tramples On The Palestinians

December 23, 2001


Heinous War on Palestinians
Science & Development CAG Report On Kargil Procurements
Comrade Suseela Gopalan Dies P.B. Resolution
Surjeet Condloes loss
After The Dec. 13 Attack Govt. Under Scanner
Sao Paulo Forum Meet A Report
Sitaram Yechury's Intervention

Towards XVII Congress

Logo Released
Himachal State Conference
Delhi State Conference


Assault on Academic Intellectual Life
Maharashtra A Shocking Judgement


Peasants Protest Centre's Policies

Uttar Pradesh

Youth Killed in GAIL Agitation
Andhra Pradesh George's Effigy Burnt
Arrest of Faridabad Editor Shades of Emergency


Concern Over Balco Judgement


AIKS Protests Bt Cotton Seeds


Khudiram's Anniversary

Parliament Notes

The Week in Parliament


Israelis Demand End Occupation!
No To Sharon’s Brutal War: CP Israel
Afghan Border Ordeal -- Fisk


December 30, 2001

Editorial Tackle Terrorist Threat Without War
Unfolding of Fascist Project
Science & Development US Withdraws From ABM Treaty

Homage to Suseela Gopalan

An Unparalled Fighter
An Unfazed Partisan For Women’s Rights
Condolence At AKG Bhawan
Afghanistan Enters A New Stage
BJP/RSS Agenda Surjeet Writes to Vajpayee
Everybody An Enemy?

Towards XVII Congress

Punjab -- The Background
Punjab Conference
Punjab Organisational Report

Economic `Reforms'

The Ugly Face of Reforms


Liquor Mafia & The Congress


Comrade Ranjan Roy No More
Andhra Pradesh Scrap POTO -- Left Convention
Students A.P Campaign Against Obscene Films
Manipur Arrest Condemned
Bhopal Gas Tragedy Anniversary The Affected Still Suffer

Parliament Notes

The Week in Parliament
International Greetings to Cuba
A New Path For Brazil
CPI(M) Greets Brazil CP Congress

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