People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 21

May 22, 2005

  CPI(M) State Secretariats Formed


STATE secretariats of CPI(M) state committees have been elected recently in those states where it was decided to form them after the Party Congress.


In Tamil Nadu, a 15-member secretariat was elected by the Party state committee. Three comrades of the old secretariat Shankaraiah, who has become the chairman of the Central Control Commission, G Veeraiayan and Pappa Umanath were relieved. Three new members have been elected U Vasuki, N Srinivasan and J Hemachandran.


In Bihar, Vijay Kant Thakur, who is a prominent leader of Kisan movement, has been elected as the new state secretary.  He replaces Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi. Vijay Kant Thakur led several struggles in Dharbhanga. Earlier he worked as secretary of Dharbhanga district committee of the Party and was also a member of the state secretariat.  A new 13-member secretariat was also elected by the Bihar state committee. Two veteran comrades, Krishankant Singh and Chandi Prasad were relieved while four new members  Lallan Choudhary, Rajinder Singh, Ajay Kumar and Ram Pari (woman) were inducted.


In Assam, an 11-member secretariat was elected. A total of four vacancies occurred in the previous secretariat -- Comrade Nandeshwar Talukdar died, Amal Ghosh shifted to Kolkata and Anant Pathak and Bipin Hazarika were relieved. In their place four new members Suprakash Talukdar, editor of Party paper, Ganashakti, Isfaqur Rahman, Ajit Das and Deban Bhattacharya were elected.


Earlier, the West Bengal state committee elected a 15-member secretariat, which consisted of all the comrades who were there in the outgoing secretariat except for Chittabrata Majumder who shifted to Centre.