sickle_s.gif (30476 bytes) People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 22

June 09,2002



Militant Khowai Rally Opens GMP Conference


THE historic role the Tripura Upajati Ganamukti Parishad (GMP) played by ceaselessly fighting for unity, integrity, democracy and development in Tripura, ever since its inception 54 years ago, will serve as a valuable asset in building up a third alternative in the country at this critical juncture. This deep conviction emerged from the huge rally held on June 2 at Khowai town in West Tripura, with which the three-day 17th central conference of the GMP got under way. Thousands of tribal and non-tribal people, young and old, men and women, overflowed the maidan of the Khowai Government Boys School on this occasion.


The rally also revealed the resolve of the Tripura people, seasoned in struggles, to forge broad unity to fight against two enemies at the same time. One of these is the NDA government at the centre while the other enemy is the alliance between the Congress and INPT in the state. The INPT is the political wing of NLFT, an outlawed extremist organisation.


Since the inception of the third Left Front government in Tripura, Khowai subdivision has been the most prominent target of attack from the unprincipled and power-hungry interests. For, the subdivision has been the most unassailable stronghold of democratic mass movement since the formation of the GMP here in May 1948, of the same GMP that entrenched the communist movement in Tripura. The GMP’s stress on unity among all sections of the state was the sole weapon in its struggle for development of the backward tribal population as also for comprehensive development of this backward state.


But this very invincible unity among the poor and the underprivileged has been an anathema to the Congress. That is why the latter is secretly aiding the murderous extremist attacks on frontline activists of the Left and democratic movement, especially on the GMP leaders and activists in Khowai and elsewhere in the state. Since the GMP’s last central conference in 1998, it has lost a total of 136 leaders and activists in extremist attacks statewide.


Now, with the next assembly elections in the state due early next year, selective extremist attacks to exterminate the GMP have intensified. The murderous drive got a boost with the formation of an electoral alliance early this year between the Congress and INPT that usurped the Tripura Autonomous District Council (ADC) with the help of the extremists’ guns in the ADC elections two years ago.


But the huge, militant rally on June 2, as a stirring start-up of the GMP conference, was also a thumping victory for the indomitable life force of Khowai --- the nerve centre of the Left and democratic movement in Tripura. In fact, the GMP membership is steadily on the rise, having now crossed the one lakh mark, compared to 80,000 a year ago.


The rally, presided over by veteran CPI(M) leader Bidya Debbarma, was addressed by CPIM) Polit Bureau members Prakash Karat and Manik Sarkar, its Central Committee member and GMP vice president Aghore Debbarma, and GMP general secretary Bajuban Riyan.


Addressing the rally, Prakash Karat paid rich tributes to the GMP’s illustrious role in the history of the country’s democratic movement. He said the GMP is now the target of an all-out attack from vested interests and their extremist accomplices in Tripura. GMP leaders and activists as well as their family members are being murdered in a bid to destroy this unique organisation, the magnitude of whose sacrifice to protect our unity and integrity is unparalleled in India’s democratic movement. Elaborating the situation prevailing at the national, international and state levels, Karat elucidated the ills plaguing the country. He expressed his firm faith that the communist movement in Tripura will fight against the vicious Congress-INPT alliance and the devastating policies of the NDA government, with a view to saving the state as well as the country.


Manik Sarkar asked the misguided militants to return to the mainstream and urged the party to try win over newer allies to intensify the struggle for peace and development. He also described in detail the earnest efforts of the Left Front government for peace and development in Tripura, and urged all sections of the state’s population to assist the Left Front government in implementing its pro-people policies.


Aghore Debbarma gave an indication of the thrust of the soon-to-start GMP conference. He said howsoever deep-seated the conspiracy of the vested interests and their extremist allies be, the GMP would crush all such conspiracies with the help of the people. It will continue to strengthen the bonds of unity as the key to a solution of the problems of backward tribals as also to comprehensive development of the state.


In his presidential remarks, Bidya Debbarma said all conspiracies to destroy the GMP over the decades had been foiled. The more intense the attack, the stronger the GMP has emerged.


Later, CPI(M) Central Committee member Baidyanath Majumder inaugurated the delegates session at 6.30 p m, at Khowai Town Hall, after the GMP flag was hoisted and homage paid to the martyrs.


In his inaugural speech, Majumder expressed the hope that the GMP would go on fighting against all odds so as to defend the people’s rights and would thus show the correct way to face the grave challenges ahead.